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Overview :

BioZone Scientific International distributed by Hygreenery is the global leader in ultraviolet light commercial and industrial applications. BioZone Scientific was founded with the idea to combine science and technology to develop advanced solutions to target specific issues involving sanitation, preventative maintenance, and odour control solutions.

We serve various clients, including equipment manufacturers, restaurants, healthcare facilities, hotels, casinos, schools, and other commercial institutions. Solutions are designed and proven to solve such contamination problems in specific applications and uses, such as hygiene facilities, ventilation systems, commercial vehicles, ice machines and much much more.

Over the years, our innovations have resulted in an entirely new generation of multi-patented air and surface disinfection technologies, launching a series of devices remarkably effective in neutralizing odors, controlling micro-contaminants, and inhibiting organic growth.

Today, BioZone Scientific is recognized as a world leader in chemical-free solutions and our products are certified by independent third party standard organizations to ensure electrical safety, performance, and compliance with national and international regulations.

Our goal is to exceed customer needs through a commitment to science, solutions, and support.

Chemical – Free Solutions and Green Initiatives

BioZone is committed to sharing resources which aid and magnify the efforts of our customers. Information regarding our corporate sustainability and safety are available in every market in which BioZone does business, worldwide.

We are proud to design and manufacture products that meet the needs of a greener, more healthy world.

BioZone takes its stewardship of the Earth seriously, and our philosophy extends to our products: we help people and companies reduce maintenance costs, lighten the carbon footprint of their own systems, extend the life of their HVAC equipment, and reduce reliance upon hazardous chemicals.

BioZone Air Purification System

Using a specially formulated plasma lamp, the BioZone Air Purification system utilizes the most advanced air purification system – Photoplasma

What is PhotoPlasma?

Known as the fourth state of matter, plasma of atmospheric air is highly energized air molecules, which are capable of breaking up the core holding structure of airborne and surface contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mould, mustiness, VOCs, tobacco smoke, pet dander, dust mites – impurities that caused unpleasant and lingering odours indoors.

Why choose BioZone?

BioZone Scientific combines cutting-edge UV disinfection technologies into applications for water treatment and ice machines, air treatment, surface and air disinfection, odor removal and anti-fouling.


Why trust BioZone?